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“Be yourself and get the casino offer best suited for you to maximize your experience.”

We stand out from other casino sites because we put customer needs and satisfaction first. We work hard to have an offer for every standard of player, from no deposit offers to the complete VIP experience.

Choose from the descriptions below to determine which level suits you best.

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  • Beginner

    Are you a bit confused by all the offers out there? Not even sure if casino games are right for you? Then head for our 'beginners' section. There you'll get the excitement of playing with real money, but with no risk to you. We're even willing to give you our own funds to get started! If you try our free money offer on a casino site, you will still qualify for our intermediate and professional offers. Not sure how to get started? Click Here to find out more. Click here to find out more.

  • Intermediate

    Offers in this section are the perfect choice if you are already confident in the online casino environment and are ready to make a deposit. As a result of our bonus options you will be able to boost your starting bankroll significantly. The big advantage of our ‘intermediates’ offers compared to our beginners offers is that the bonuses are more lucrative, which gives you better long-term odds of hitting that life-changing jackpot.

  • Professional

    If you are looking for the ultimate enhanced casino experience, our professional section is the place for you. We give you immediate VIP access to our site so you will benefit from all our future exclusive VIP promotions as well as anything extra that our casino partners have to offer you. Take advantage of Kingsino's network of casino contacts so you will never have to think about something other than which slot machine to play or which roulette table to sit down at. We will take care of the rest and make sure that you get maximum value from your play. Online casino VIP has just been redefined!