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Online gambling is the fastest growing industry on the Internet. The reason why is no secret: Gambling is more accessible now than it has ever been before, and people can play from the comfort of their own homes. That has led more people than ever to try casinos and realize how much they love the experience.

Online casinos are an activity that you can custom-tailor. Some people play for fun. They bet in small amounts looking to maximize the amount of playtime. Others play to maximize their odds in the hope of hitting pay dirt. Big wins online do happen, and they don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, a Norwegian player recently won a staggering 11.7-million-euro slots jackpot on a free spin!

The most common concern among online casino newbies is where to begin. In the following article, we’ll provide a brief introduction to the most popular casino games and links to valuable resources:


Slot machines are the most popular casino games online and particularly newbie-friendly. Modern slots, known as video slots, come with a wide range of features, including 3D animations, second-screen bonus games and progressive jackpots. Classic slots are quite popular too. Also called fruit machines, the classics emphasize simplicity and speed. Many slots also provide big paydays, and although they are games of chance, the experienced player can use advanced slot strategies to maximize their odds.

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Slot Guides:
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Slot Strategies

Video Poker

Almost as popular and easy to learn as the slot machines are the video poker machines. Video poker is a single-person game played against the house. The machine deals five cards, the player discards, the machine re-deals, and then the player wins or loses based on the hand value. Not only is video poker simple and fun, it is lucrative too. The house take on any video poker machine is usually less than three percent.

Video Poker Guides:
Beginner's Guide to Video Poker


Blackjack is arguably the most popular casino table game in the world, and that popularity persists online as well. A big part of the charm is its simplicity: The goal of blackjack, also called 21, is to achieve a hand value that is 21 or superior to the dealer’s hand. Another important aspect of the charm is that blackjack has a strong skill component, and the advanced player can regularly earn money on the game.

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Roulette is a game of chance played with a large spinning wheel. The croupier spins the wheel and then drops a ball in, and players bet on which pocket the ball will be in when the wheel comes to a stop. The most common formats are European and American, and online, Mini is a popular variant that uses a 13-pocket wheel. All roulette flavors are very exciting and surprisingly simple to master.

Roulette Guides:
Beginner's Guide to Roulette


Baccarat, also called Punto Banco, is a simple, intuitive and fast-paced card game. Baccarat bears some resemblance to blackjack and is nearly as popular. It does lack a skill component, however, but on the other hand, it has a house edge that is just a smidge above one percent. Baccarat is also available in two variants that add a skill element to the game: baccarat banque and chemic de fer.

Baccarat Guides:
Beginner's Guide to Baccarat


Craps is one of the most recognizable games in the world, and it requires so little hardware that spontaneous games are common in urban environments. In a casino environment, craps is a very social and exciting table game. Due to the sheer number of available bets, the game can be a little intimidating to the newbie. Despite that, craps is actually fairly simple and can be mastered quickly.

Craps Guides:
Beginner's Guide to Craps


Keno is an thrilling game of chance that blends elements of bingo with the big paydays associated with lotteries. The great thing about keno is that you don’t have to wait around for a drawing. You can play the game whenever you like, and online, you can even play it from the comfort of your own home. Keno is a simple game to master, and we’ll show you how in our handy beginner’s guide.

Keno Guides:
Beginner's Guide to Keno

Other Games

Slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat are just the tip of the online casino iceberg. Craps is a popular dice game that lets players wager on the outcome of a roll. Casino Hold'em takes Texas Hold'em poker and transforms it into a player versus banker experience. Keno is a popular lottery-style game, and Mega Ball is similar but has a large progressive jackpot attached to it. Many people also enjoy playing scratch cards, which are just like the cards you purchase at the local store.

Bankroll Management

Whether you play casino games to win big or have fun, bankroll management is a crucial factor in how successful you will be at achieving that goal. With proper bankroll management, you earn free money and cash back, and you maximize the amount of money you have to gamble. If you’re playing for fun, this means that you have more time do that. If you’re playing to win, it maximizes your long-term odds.

Bankroll Management Guides:
Bankroll Management

Further Education

Your journey into the thrilling world of online casinos starts today. Learning the ins and outs of casino play can be a long, involved process, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’ve presented a series of Kingsino resources geared to getting you off on the right foot. That’s what Kingsino is all about, and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that you have the best casino adventure possible.

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