About Us

“Be yourself - get the offer that is best
for you and you will get the maximum
of your experience.”

We are happy that you are interested about us. We are very proud of our site that is built with experience and expertise. We focus on what is actually important for the customer and we only work with casinos where we have a contact on management level. When our customers contact us - we go directly to the management to fix the problem. We take our customers experience very seriously.

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Our team

Further presentations will come, but we have a strong team with over 40 years affiliate experience. We know what we do.

  • Our CEO is very loud when something is not done correctly.
  • Our founder is from Sweden and loves snow.
  • Our programmers get things done quickly.
  • Our support team and models share up our days like the sun.
  • Our graphics guys loves to sit in an design during rain.